A tool for [getting back to and] keeping on track with Communion

Thanks to author Lily G. Blunt, I discovered a tool for keeping on track with Communion in the form of author Jenny Trout’s Big Damn Writing Tracker 2. Trout, who is operator of the website Trout Nation programmed and adapted an Excel sheet which can track the progress of up to four projects by the week over the course of a year. Additional sheets allow one to keep track of the progress of each, individual project in one place. Furthermore, she generously provided a free download of the Excel sheet to be adapted for the use of her readers.

In just a few, short minutes I was able to set up a tracking system for my novel as well as some non-fiction writing I’m doing and reflections on the process of writing Communion. You can find and download the spreadsheet on the Big Damn Writing Tracker 2 page at Trout Nation. Let her know you heard about this resource from Lily G. Blunt, by way of me!

Please comment, below, or send me a direct message by using the form on my Contact page. You can also email me at christofllewellyn@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.


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Christopher Llewellyn

Christopher Francis Llewellyn is an incarnational contemplative, archetypal storycrafter & digital illuminator, trying to figure out how that all fits into his sliver of the divine plan.

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